Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wine Review ~ Recuerdo 2012 Torrontés

Last year when I attended the 2012 Wine Blogger Conference I participated in a Speed Tasting/Wine Blogging event. At that event I had the fortunate opportunity to be among the bloggers that got to have Recuerdo come to our table. At that time we tasted the 2011 Recuerdo Torrontés.

It's one thing to be charismatic and fun. It's another thing to have amazing wine. But to have both was kind of unheard of. Almost all of the charismatic folks seemed to be making up for a sub par product and some of the most soft spoken people had amazing wine. So, this made it even more significant when the Recuerdo group had both. The two presenters came equipped with terrific wine, pictures, jump drives, mini bottles and great big smiling faces. When people love what they do it really shows and this was extremely evident with these two presenters. They were by far the best presenters at the entire conference!

So, when they approached me to see if I’d like to be one of the first to taste the 2012 Torrontés I jumped at the opportunity. I felt like it was my privilege to have such an opportunity. The only thing they asked in return was that I would report to my readers about what I thought of it. So, here are my thoughts:

Technically speaking ~
Appearance: Clear pale yellow with a hint of grassy green

Smell: Tropical flavors, gardenias, fresh cut wildflowers and a hint of citrus

Taste: Pear, Apricot, lemon, tropical flavors, slightly sweet with a touch of effervescence

Finnish: Smooth and somewhat creamy with absolutely no harshness. Left me wanting more!

Recipe Suggestion: Citrus Tilapia or Tropical Salmon topped with Mango Salsa

Non-technically speaking ~ The 2012 Torrontés is cool refinement with a touch of sweet ambition followed by a blossoming new season topped off with a hint of love!

It’s hard to believe that the 2012 is only their third vintage. The winemakers, Santiago Achával and Pablo Martorell, have proven to have astounding expertise! I was delighted to have the chance to taste the 2012 Torrontés before it was widely available, and I’d highly recommend you get a hold of it as soon as you can. It truly is a perfect summer sipping wine ~ Cheers!

~ Click HERE to go directly to the Recuerdo website ~ 

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